6×6 studies

I had a few holiday craft mart type events in early December. I wanted to make sure I had some lower price point items, so I embarked on making a number of 6×6 inch studies. I love painting on large canvases, but with smaller ones, there is a freedom to experiment and paint more loosely. I did groupings of four each with different themes: winter, spring, beach, wooded areas, parks. The paintings can most times be completed in a sitting, however, coming up with fresh subject matter for twenty paintings in under a week was tiring. Some will serve as inspiration for future larger pieces.

Shades of Green- minitures

I live in Florida, where there is plenty of greenery. However, traveling this summer in the Midwest, taking in some wilderness area it felt different. I loved the overhead canopy of trees and the dappled sunlight. I completed a few smaller paintings during the trip and look forward to doing more paintings in upcoming months.

The following are each 6×6 inches, acrylic on canvas, inspired by our time in Mammoth National Park.


Mini studies and freedom

Sunset/sunrise series 13&14 and mini-studies

I’m showing my work at my first art festival this weekend. Florida has a lot of festivals, and a friend gave me a gentle nudge to jump in. While I was collecting items I would need to show off my work, (walls, and weights, packing supplies…) other artists offered their support and words of advice. One said to have some pieces at a lower price point. I leave prints and other reproductions to FineArtAmerica.com, not wanting to deal with upfront costs. But I dug out from under my bed some cute little 4×4 canvases waiting to be used.

I love finishing a big canvas. It has a presence and draws you into the scene. However, these small canvases were a breath of fresh air! No remixing paint, or worrying about capturing every detail. Their smallness was freeing. And, as I admired their more abstract nature it helped me to loosen up and enjoy painting large scale again.

Enjoy the small and then bigger paintings.

22 small 4x4inch studies