6×6 studies

I had a few holiday craft mart type events in early December. I wanted to make sure I had some lower price point items, so I embarked on making a number of 6×6 inch studies. I love painting on large canvases, but with smaller ones, there is a freedom to experiment and paint more loosely. I did groupings of four each with different themes: winter, spring, beach, wooded areas, parks. The paintings can most times be completed in a sitting, however, coming up with fresh subject matter for twenty paintings in under a week was tiring. Some will serve as inspiration for future larger pieces.


Azaleas and Oak


Bloom series
Acrylic on canvas
In Florida, our seasons are more subtle than other places. January might have temps in the 80s or the 40s. No snow and many of the trees keep their leaves. Yet seasons are a part of life and serve a purpose. Change might not always be welcomed, yet it can be a source of growth- figuratively and literally. (Certain plants don’t grow well here as they need that period of dormancy that winter gives.)
Spring represents new life, fresh starts, hope, as the gray goes away and is replaced by buds. One day I was running a quick errand and as it happened the azaleas were in full bloom. Beautiful bright blooms lined the road, while new leaves on the tree were extra bright. Parking lots are not known for their beauty, but that day it was breathtaking.