Willow on Rainbow Banks

Acrylic on canvas

I have a certain style when I paint. It wasn’t really super intentional, it’s just how I paint.¬† I fall somewhere between loose realism and impressionism. I like to amplify colors and try not to depend too heavily on black, preferring to use purple, blues and dark greens to darken. When I paint buildings the work is a bit more exacting, as I want to make sure to get the angles and perspective right. However, there are a number of artists that I am inspired by who have a looser style, with more of an emphasis on movement and brush strokes, more painterly than realistic. When I paint smaller canvas I am freer to focus on shape and color and don’t worry about capturing every detail. I’ve tried to incorporate that into some of my recent paintings. I enjoyed breaking away and being a bit more blocky with my colors. I think it contrasts and adds interest to areas that are more realistic.

This scene was inspired by visiting my parents in Michigan this summer. They live on a chain of lakes, and I was able to kayak around exploring at a slower pace. I enjoyed the shadows the trees casts, the colors of the lily pads and how reflections distort in the water. I decided to add some fall color to the weeping willow tree.


Umbrellas along Bloom Street

Celebration 5

Acrylic on Canvas


Eating outside, a picnic, around a campfire, at an outdoor cafe. For some reason getting out of the kitchen, or the dining room holds a special appeal. Maybe it’s the novelty, the change from the everyday. Perhaps it’s feeling the breeze blowing, sun on your face. Or the ability to people watch. Maybe it’s engaging more of the senses while enjoying the taste of the food before you.

One thing Celebration has is a number of outdoor seating options. Restaurants, benches along the water, even some rocking chairs at the edge of the lake. This scene is outside the Avocado Mexican Grill restaurant, along Bloom Street. I love the brightness of the umbrellas and the shadows from the tables. I arrived later in the morning, workers were getting ready for the lunch crowd that would arrive.